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Missoula Attractions

Denny Menholt Univeristy Honda is very proud to be located in the fantastic city of Missoula, MT. It is such an incredible area to live and work in, and there is always something to do. Whether you want to go for a good hike, take a relaxing walk through a historical museum, cheer on a local sports team, or go all out and do some skiing, Missoula has it all.

We would like to share with you some of our favorite sites and activities in Missoula, so that you can enjoy everything that helps to make Missoula such a great place.

Missoula Mercantile Building

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Historical Downtown Missoula – If you are a history buff, then you would love to take a nice relaxing historical walking tour of downtown Missoula, which has one of the state’s most extensive listings on the National Register of Historic Places. Attractions on this tour include the Wilma Building, Missoula Mercantile, Gleim Building, and Palace Hotel. For even more information on what sites you’ll see, check it out here.

Historical Downtown Missoula

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Parsons' Pony Farm – Make your child’s dream come true by treating them to a pony ride at Parsons’ Pony Farm. Your child will be guided on a hand-led pony ride through PonyWood Forest up to Bitterroot Mountain. And if you really want to spoil your children, the ponies are available for birthday parties!

Parsons' Pony Farm

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Missoula Sports – No matter what your favorite sport is, Missoula is home to many teams for you to go out and watch. The Montana Grizzlies have great football, basketball, volleyball, and soccer teams. You can also go out and see the Missoula Maulers junior hockey team, Missoula Osprey pro baseball team, Missoula Phoenix semi-pro football team, and the Missoula Maggots rugby team.

Missoula Sports

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Missoula Golf Courses – What better way to relax on your day off than by playing 18 holes of golf. Missoula is home to six different golf courses; Canyon River Golf Club, Double Arrow Resort, Larchmont Golf Course, UOFM Golf Course, Highlands Golf Course, and The Ranch Club. Find your favorite course by playing at all six courses!

Missoula Golf Courses

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Missoula Theatres – Missoula is home to a large number of talented stage performers. There is no need to go to Broadway when you’ve got the Missoula Community Theatre, Missoula Children’s Theatre, and the Hamilton Players to choose from.

Missoula Theatres

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MoBash Skate Park – One of the top five skate parks in the country, MoBash has over 15,000 square feet of skate area. This amazing outdoor facility is a great hangout, and gives you the chance to see some pretty cool tricks on bowls, bank walls, terraced inclines, and rails.

MoBash Skate Park

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Missoula Fishing – Drop your line and get the net ready. Missoula has some of the best fishing spots in the state at Clark Fork River, Blackfoot River, and Bitterroot River. Whether you’re just looking for a couple hours of “me” time at the river bank, or you want to hire a guide for an entire day’s worth of adventure, Missoula is here to meet any of your fishing needs.

These are just a few of the fun and exciting things that you can do in and around Missoula, MT. For more information on things for you and your family to do, check out Destination Missoula.